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Moo.  We are a cow.  Take us to China.

   I'm a writing fool, fools.  I write a lot, though the level has gone down significantly since November 9th (Earth Has Never Been The Same), but I still like to write whenever the feeling hits me.  I write many things as well; science fiction, fantasy, comedy and flash...And whenever I'm feeling kinky, fanfiction.  


   As for my writing, I am in the beginning stages of working on novel.  The title as to which I have given this beast is In Amber Clad. Why, I don't know, but it sounds way-ass cool.  For shizzle.  Below is an excerpt from the prologue, shown to you in it's unedited, pure and raw form.


       Floating over the serene valley, barren of activity yet so full of life, he watched. Watched the wind sweep across the tree tops, swaying their branches in gentle breeze. The long grass, still wet from the storm that had swept the valley in a violent torrent of wind-swept rain, now gnetly moved along with the breeze, luxuriously taking in the warm sunlight.

        He floated closer to the ground, still watching the valley intently, noting that the sun was about to set. He idly looked, and watched the sun as it went below the distant mountains, tinting the receding clouds a light pink and orange, casting a vibrant glow on the land. Even now, he could feel the presence, the hate, the anger, the sorrow, the grief; he could feel the Towers of Perdition.

        Idle thoughts made their way through his head as he waited patiently, knowing very well he would at last get what he sought. At the thought, a small smile crossed his smooth features. His life-long journey was one step closer to the end. Once more checking the sun, he floated even closer to the ground, not even noticing the grass parting as his feet hovered inches above it. The sky was noticibly darker, eerily lacking the colour that mere minutes before had danced below the clouds.

        Then, his eyes caught it, the faint, almost distant light, shallow in the growing darkness, sparkling with a light that had a life of it's own. As the light seemed to come closer, seemingly crossing unseen boundries that seperated worlds, a sound become apparent in the stillness of the premature night.

        At first, it was just a distant howling, calling him, beckoning him in a sing-song melody. It's words, while not clear, sent a clear message to his mind, telling him what to expect. The song, the message from another world, grew louder, until it filled the silience.

        Abrupty, the world went black.

        With untold violence, clouds, seemingly coming from nowhere, returned, accompanied by the rumble of thunder. There was no lighning, no light, and soon, no thunder; just the wind and the song to accompany him. And then, the light returend, in a flash that illuminated the valley, showing the figure what he sought.

        In the faint glimmer from another world, during the flash that seemed to stretch and eternity, the Towers of Perdition stood. Dark and ominous, they beckoned the figure, who was now wading his way through waste-high grass, towards the Towers. And then the light was gone, once again casting the world in darkness.

        The Towers beckoned with a seductive song of magic...

        ...And he answered.